BUFFALO, N.Y., October 16, 2018 — Tactiva Therapeutics, a development stage company targeting a broad range of cancers, announced today that its co-founder Kunle Odunsi, M.D., Ph.D., FRCOG, FACOG, is among the 75 newly elected regular members of the National Academy of Medicine (NAM). Membership of the NAM is considered one of the highest honors in the field of health and medicine and recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to service and professional achievement.

Dr. Odunsi was recognized for “identifying key mechanisms of immune suppression within the ovarian tumor microenvironment, pioneering studies to re-engineer mature T cells and hematopoietic stem cells for adoptive T cell therapy, and implementing multi-institutional immunotherapy trials using novel strategies that he developed, to impact outcome and quality of life of ovarian cancer patients,” according to the NAM announcement.

“We are so proud to see Kunle’s work in the field of immune therapy recognized by the National Academy of Medicine,” stated Matt Colpoys, Tactiva’s Chief Executive Officer. “Recognition from such a prestigious body is validation of our approach to the treatment of various cancers, and mirrors our excitement for the potential benefits we can bring to patients in the future.”

Tactiva co-founder Dr. Richard Koya added, “I am really excited and happy for Dr. Odunsi on his election to the National Academy of Medicine. It is a tremendous honor and a very well-deserved recognition of  Dr. Odunsi’s accomplishments as an exceptional leader, physician and scientist. I am so proud to be part of his team, sharing our common goal to defeat cancer.”

In addition to being one of Tactiva Therapeutic’s co-founders, Dr. Odunsi currently serves as Executive Director of the Center for Immunotherapy, and Deputy Director of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, Buffalo, N.Y.

About National Academy of Medicine

The National Academy of Medicine, established in 1970 as the Institute of Medicine, is an independent organization of eminent professionals from diverse fields including health and medicine; the natural, social, and behavioral sciences; and beyond. It serves alongside the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering as an adviser to the nation and the international community. Through its domestic and global initiatives, the NAM works to address critical issues in health, medicine, and related policy and inspire positive action across sectors. The NAM collaborates closely with its peer academies and other divisions within the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

About Tactiva Therapeutics

Tactiva is a development stage immuno-oncology company with a unique approach to adoptive T-cell therapy. Tactiva’s dual enhanced adoptive cell therapy (DEACT™) platform, combines engineered CD8 T cells with engineered hematopoietic stem cells (HSC’s) to  generate a supply of CD4 T cells with direct anti-tumor activity and sustained helper function to CD8 T cells for a more durable overall response. More information about the company, its technology, and products can be found on its web site atwww.tactivatherapeutics.com.


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