Buffalo, NY based Tactiva Therapeutics, Inc. announced they’ve licensed new intellectual
property from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corporation that covers the use of the
Oncolytic Vaccinia Virus (OVV) armed with a CXCR4 antibody.

Pre-clinical results recently published in the Journal of Immunology (August 2018) demonstrate
a potent therapeutic response with an ability to control metastatic growth and reverse the
immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment. Through strong inhibition of cancer initiating
cells (CIC’s) and a myriad of other immuno-suppressive forces in the tumor micro-environment
there was improved tumor free survival when compared to oncolysis alone in a xenograft

“We are very excited to add this asset to our portfolio of intellectual property. We feel that the
broad anti-tumor activity demonstrated in pre-clinical models offers tremendous hope for
those suffering from ovarian cancer, and that CXCR4 antagonist armed viral oncotherapy may
one day be a valuable component in the eradication of this highly lethal disease. The program
will mesh nicely with our current efforts utilizing our DEACT (Dual Enhanced Adoptive Cell
Therapy ) platform incorporating an engineered T cell and stem cell approach to improve upon
current forms of TCR therapy in the treatment of solid tumors, including ovarian cancer.” (Matt
Colpoys, CEO.)

Tactiva plans to enter the clinic with their DEACT program in 2019. They will initiate a basket
trial in multiple solid tumor types and another in Multiple Myeloma.